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Voiced by Lauren Tom , is the Japanese-American crime scene investigator on the Safety Patrol who has a keen interest in forensics. Although she appears in almost every episode, she is more of a background character. Voiced by Danny Tamberelli , he is partnered with Karen Tehama and known for his bodyguard training. He is Italian-American. Although he appears in almost every episode, he like Tehama is more of a background character.

Voiced by Kyle Sullivan , is the crime scene photographer for the Safety Patrol, though it is often joked that he shouldn't be qualified to be a Safety Patroller by Vallejo where in one episode Danny's replacement was a tripod and in another episode comments "he isn't qualified to operate a stapler". He has a tendency to get on other people's nerves and has some deep thoughts, overreacting, and weird ideas such as trying to photograph his own butt.

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O'Farrell serves as the primary source of comic relief on the show. He is also able to develop film with common household items as seen in "Masterstroke of Malevolence. This again may be a parody to the Irish-American police officer. In context of the show's police drama parody theme, she represents the over-stressed mayor archetype, where in every episode threatens to turn the Safety Patrol office into something else yoga studio, spa , etc.

Tough on the outside with looks that can stop any student in its tracks, she runs her school with a strong presence - but she does it for pride and honor. She does have a kind heart on the inside and does much for her students and staff, sometimes anonymously. It is stated that she is in her 40's, as in "Next Stop, Armageddon" it is her birthday, and Vallejo mentions that "this year, it starts with a 4.

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Voiced by Jeff Probst , the school's vice-principal and Folsom's right-hand man. Though he acts like a secretary in crime shows, he doesn't really say much, but can be counted on to spout out school facts, figures and catchy metaphors at the drop of a hat. It's possible that he attended school with Folsom, according to an old school album. Adults: Dawn S. Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Sign In Don't have an account?

Act One: Sabotage Under Glass

Start a Wiki. There is a surprising range of dog styles in the universe and the trio have a time finding the ideal pooch. This is a book that can be enjoyed by many ages. There are different levels to the text and pictures, with plenty of adventure, surprises and laughs for everyone. The illustrations by Fickling are delightful, starting with the blueprints for Sbot and filling the book with colorful and imaginative additions to the story. Various highlights in the pictures are labeled, giving the reader more information, which is certain to stir up intriguing points of discussion.

I am so delighted with this book I am going to give it to all the children on my holiday gift list. And after their parents read it, I expect to get some appreciative thanks for a picture book with something for them, too. The kind that are sent to reviewers before the books get officially released. Apparently the pages are made red to make it harder for anyone to make duplicates or sell online. God, this publisher is a failure. Fillmore asks if T.

Act One: Sabotage Under Glass

Reading that page sucked the very life out of me. Instead, T. Was it…. Going over the evidence so far, Fillmore picks up the red page and notices a dark smudge on it.

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Her agent reminds her these promo events were listed in her contract, and advises her to smile. She does. For one second.

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  • Which is exactly when Fillmore and Ingrid show up, demanding Terri come with them to answer some questions. Terri throws the switch on the machine, trying to escape in a cover of mist only to back herself into a corner. Unfortunately, the book was bad.

    So bad it drove Terri to actual tears which is how the page got smudged. Terri melted down the Vampirita statue and turned it into Citizen Fang. She was able to cut the ropes on the balloon since she was right next to it. Right after she melted the statue, Terri shredded the advanced copy.

    Only she missed a page, which landed in front of T. Annoyed, T. He just pointed Fillmore in the right direction.

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    Aside from multiple spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors, Vampirita betrays her allies and the entire resistance to her sworn genetic enemy by giving him their secrets and access to her power. Why, you ask? A book which she wrote and finished while on a plane to Milan. Torrey refuses to let her friend be insulted like this and cuts the author down for how little she cares about her books, her characters, and her fans. Or because T.

    Fillmore Fun Fest this holiday weekend

    Try keeping it next time. Several kids in the store applaud Torrey while the author silently glares at her before leaving. Torrey proposes the Vampirita fans could help out so everyone can attend. Giving Fillmore a taunting look, the mime darts through the bookstore and Fillmore quickly follows after. I think this episode honestly does a good job at showing some of the positive and negative aspects of being in a fandom.

    They can get petty and nasty when arguing with a different fandom. And sometimes you can overreact about someone liking a different fandom, like Trace did when she assumed T. Fandoms can also be a place where you make real friends you can rely on.

    It depends on how you decide to act as a fan. It sort of dispels the idea that being a fan of a fictional story makes you a loser who needs to get a life. Vampirita does something the previous 22 volumes never hinted or built up towards in any way possible, instead being a blatant example of the writer clearly not giving a shit anymore. If the writer ever did. Yes, I think we as fans or I guess consumers of media might work better can criticise what the creator chooses to do, especially when it buys into damaging stereotypes, etc.

    Enemies to lovers is a trope for a reason. Her friend matters more to her than the series they bonded over, which is something both girls demonstrated. Oh, but with her proposing having the Vampirita fans team up with the Citizen Fang fans it shows she can still support the character even if the next book is garbage. In the end, T. This episode probably resonates a lot with our own experiences in fandoms. I regret to say I know exactly how Terri and T. Apparently he gave editorial a bare story outline and let them do whatever they wanted with it.

    The last issue upset me so greatly it left me in a suicidal mindset, with the events around me spiraling to a degree that I attempted to cut my wrist open just to make it stop. You need to remember to have the proper perspective. Fandom can be wonderful and it can be terrible, like everything else people do, but your feelings are valid.