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If you belong to the Chinese upper class or even middle class along the eastern coast, you may end up asking yourself the following question: Who is more likely to protect my basic economic interests, the current Chinese Communist Party, or a democratic representative of Chinese rural interests?

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China is also growing rich during a time of extreme economic inequality, which may make many Chinese elites think twice about democratization. There was enough of a sense of a common Taiwanese national interest for democracy to be trusted, and furthermore Taiwan has always been keen to distinguish itself from a non-democratic mainland.

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What about social issues? One recent study has shown that Communist Party members are more likely to have progressive views on issues of gender equality, political pluralism and openness to international exchange than do the Chinese public at large.

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  • Again, if you are an elite among the Chinese citizenry, it is not a sure thing that you will do better with democracy than under the Communist Party. Alex Tabarrok Email Alex Follow atabarrok. Tyler Cowen Email Tyler Follow tylercowen.

    Chinese Democracy and Elite Thinking

    The Ministry for Economic Affairs as well as the Chancellery now clearly see the risks associated with Chinese investments. There is more openness toward the French approach, with flexible tools to stop investments that run counter to our own long-term interests.

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    Benner: This challenge will only continue to grow. The Chinese government is very successful in buying and using European political and economic elites for their own purposes.

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    It also seeks to leverage major investment to exert political pressure and has already had success with the Greek and Hungarian governments which vetoed common EU positions on China. We also need to integrate independent China expertise much better across Europe.

    Additionally, by killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Trump has given away an important card in countering China. The champagne corks certainly popped in Beijing when Trump announced that decision. The Cold War situation was much clearer.

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    We had an ideological and security antagonist who was not an economic competitor. At the same time, we also depend on cooperation with China on transnational issues such as climate change and pandemics. Thomas Glynn Hanley helped with the translation. Thorsten Benner. Published By.


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